Benefits of Wooden Toys for Home Schooling Parents

For parents who prefer home education to formal schooling for their children, the primary challenge is trying to convince the doubters that homeschooling has its benefits. Despite there being cases of successful homeschooling, most people still doubt the education program and remain skeptical. If you want your child to improve cognitively with homeschooling, you can incorporate crafts using wooden toys. In an industry where most toys are made out of plastic, the benefits of wood toys in brain development have taken a back seat. This post highlights the benefits of wooden toys to homeschooling children that parents need to explore.

Less Distracting -- There is no denying the fact that children's attention span is quite low, and rightly so because their brains are still developing. As such, plastic toys that generate sounds get the attention of a child only briefly then, the child moves on to another toy. With wooden toys, however, noise levels are comparatively low; therefore, a child is less distracted. Wooden toys have been known to give children an opportunity to think through their playing activities and learn to solve problems. For instance, if a toy is tangled within strings and its siren is on, a child will find it difficult to untangle with all the noise. However, if it is a simple wooden toy, then a child has plenty of time to think everything through using imagination.

Tactile -- Compared to toys of the same size, but made from other conventional materials, wooden toys are the heaviest. It does not mean that children cannot carry them. Since physical education is part of a homeschooling curriculum, children need to feel their movements. Wooden toys are capable of helping your child with fine motor skills. For instance, if you are using wood blocks to teach subtraction, your child might notice that the blocks do not move as smoothly across the table as plastic ones. The fine motor skills needed to adjust the pressure on the wooden blocks will go a long way in improving the child's motor skill development.

Timeless -- Part of homeschooling is teaching children about history, even if it is family history. The timelessness of wooden toys is unrivalled because some can be passed from one generation to the next without much damage, which can be attributed to their durability. You can, therefore, use wooden toys to teach children about the family's history as you expand outward. If for instance, if a wood toy belonged to your child's uncle, you can mention the year he got the toy then further say any historical events in the locality at the time.

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