Choosing, Framing and Displaying Art in Small Apartments

Having some beautiful artwork in custom picture framing on the walls can really bring your home to life. It adds extra colour to the place and, if you choose the right art and framing styles, it enhances the overall effect of your decor.

When you live in a house or a large apartment with plenty of space, you can normally choose whatever artwork and frames you like without it feeling too crowded. For the many people who live in small apartments, however, a bit more care is needed to avoid a cluttered, cramped effect.

Follow these tips for decorating your apartment's walls and you'll achieve a positive result without the art being overpowering.

Choose one or two walls

With small rooms, it's best not to have art hanging on every wall, or you'll quickly make the place feel too crowded. In fact, sticking to just one wall is plenty, though you can usually get away with two walls if you want to.

Depending on the layout of your apartment and where your furniture is placed, you should carefully think about which walls you'll use for displaying pictures. In general, two opposing walls work better than two adjacent ones, as there's more space between pictures.

Get your sizes right

Having a huge piece of artwork that takes up most of a wall is obviously going to look very odd in a small apartment, so be careful not to buy anything too big.

A useful guideline is that art should take up no more than three-eighths of a wall, roughly speaking. Whether that's a single piece in the centre, a cluster of smaller pictures or several spread out is up to you. Bear in mind that the precise effect varies based on this decision, and also remember that furniture placed against walls limits your vertical space.

Limit dark, heavy colours

In general, when you're choosing your framing materials, light colours are better than darker ones if you want to avoid an oppressive atmosphere. This isn't a firm rule, however, and there are always exceptions.

You can expect to get away with dark colours for smaller frames against a light-coloured wall, but large pieces with dark frames might be too much. Consider, too, the colour of your furnishings and how that adds to the way the room feels.

Include a mirror

A classic way of making a room feel bigger is to add a mirror on one of the walls. If you get your art custom framed, you can get a mirror framed to match. Putting it on a wall opposite a large painting or print can be very effective and really increase the feeling of space and airiness.

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