3 Special Types of Candle Wicks

When shopping for candles, most consumers think about the basic attributes, such as shape, colour, or fragrance. They forget that a wick is equally important since a candle is useless without it. If you want to achieve a competitive edge, you should learn how to make your candles unique. Therefore, candle makers should take great care when selecting the type of wick for their products. Luckily, you can choose from different styles of wicks. This article highlights special types of candle wicks you can choose from.

Cored Wicks -- Wicks can be either soft, unstable, or stable, and the type you choose determines how your candles burn. As their name suggests, cored wicks have a core material that helps keep them straight and upright while burning. Cored wicks are made from a braided or knitted material, such as cotton or paper. Typically, the core in cored wicks has a round cross-section and uses different materials to achieve a range of stiffness. When buying cored wicks for your candles, you can choose from cotton, paper, zinc, or tin. Cored wicks are most commonly used in jar pillar candles.

Wooden Wicks -- If you target environmentally conscious customers, you should choose wood for your candle wicks. It has made wooden wicks a popular choice over the last couple of years since thousands of wicks can be made from a single tree. Moreover, wooden wicks produce a crackling sound similar to firewood burning in a fireplace. Wooden wicks also burn more evenly, and cleaner than their cotton counterparts do. You can choose from various wooden wicks styles since they are available as single-ply, multi-layered, or decorative shapes. The numerous benefits make wooden wicks a worthy consideration for anybody seriously thinking of making candles for sale.

Specialty Wicks -- Apart from acting as an oil pump for candles, wicks can also be designed to meet specific customer requirements for different applications. For instance, a customer may want a particular shape of flame on their candles, which is only possible if a wick is shaped or plaited in a specific style. Similarly, another customer might want to use their candles to repel insects and bugs at home; therefore, only a wick dipped in a special solution will work. Note that candles made with specialty wicks are more expensive; however, they are likely to get you more profits than other types of wicks.

Reach out to a candle-making supply store to see what wicks they have available. 

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